“We’ve been thrilled with our experience at Kids’ Entrepreneur Market! My daughter has participated in three events, and after seeing her growth and enthusiasm, my son joined in too. Each event is impeccably organized, making it easy and enjoyable for kids and parents alike. The real value, though, comes from the life skills these events build. Our kids were more excited to work on their sellable products after school than to be on their screens. Such a win!! It’s so great to see them engage in activities that foster creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking—skills that are crucial for their futures. Watching my kids prepare and participate has been incredibly rewarding; they’ve grown more confident and resourceful with each event. The social aspect is also fantastic. My children have made new friendships with other creatives and have been exposed to new, exciting ideas that broaden their horizons. I highly recommend Kids’ Entrepreneur Market for parents seeking enriching experiences that combine fun, learning, and community. We can’t wait for the next event!”

– Ann R. (parent of participants)

“I like getting creative and making the cool products for the kids’ business events. I also like getting into conversations with people because I used to be shy. After being part of it a few times I felt more comfortable talking to the customers. After the event I like counting the money to see how much profit I earned.”

– Zoey S. (10yr old participant)

“We had a great experience with the kids market! My daughter learned a couple really good lessons about being a good booth host and being present in business, as well as investment vs. Profit! Her confidence was boosted by the interest people had in her hand crafted items as well as the financial reward she got to see at the end for her time and effort! We can’t wait to participate again.”

– Nicole P. (Parent of participant)

“I feel like this is a great experience to immerse yourself in different life skills, such as marketing, learning to be vocal, and be money-wise.”

– Zander S. (13yr old participant)

“It was amazing, loved it, and I would do it again.”

– Aven C. (11yr old participant)

The Kids’ Entrepreneur market was so much fun! It was really wonderful to see kids sharing their creativity, learn about responsibility & entrepreneurship, and being empowered to sell their products in a positive, safe environment. Such a cool learning experience disguised as fun! And the products were really great! Can’t wait for the next one.

Gina S. (Attendee)

The Entrepreneur Market has become one of my kids’ favorite events! It’s a unique opportunity for learning and creativity – everyone has so much to share and it’s a little different every time. My kids really enjoy the process of coming up with a different “business” each time- from creating new things to sell, to coming up with a name and booth aesthetic. They’ve tried out so many different hobbies throughout the process, from baking to soap-making to drawing comics, and I can’t wait to see what they do next. Highly recommend!

Jordan P. (Parent of participant)