Rules & Guidelines

Kids – They’re in charge!

  • Must be 5-17 to participate.
  • Must be able to manage the booth without adults interacting with customers.
  • Must be able to take and fulfill orders.
  • Must be able to answer all questions related to their product/service.
  • Must take payment and make change (If your young child still needs support counting back money, it is okay for the parent to assist.)
  • Must handle the service of all food.
  • We encourage children with disabilities or special needs to participate with necessary assistance from adults. Please notify us in the registration form.

Adults/Parents – Sit back, relax, and give your kids this valuable learning experience!

  • May help kids set up before the market and clean up after the market.
  • May not manage the booth for their kids. This includes answering questions about their products/services, fulfilling orders, taking payment, serving food.
  • Must remain at the venue premises throughout the entire duration of the market.
  • May assist in setting up and prepping for the event.
  • May not smoke, vape, or drink alcohol at the market.

Products/Services – Allowed

  • Kids must only sell products/services they have created/developed. No reselling store-bought items.
  • Kids can sell almost anything that is handmade, food, games, or services.
  • All product/services offerings must be disclosed at least two weeks prior to the event.
  • Kids may sell different products and services in the same booth.
  • All food must have ingredient list labeled or posted at the booth. Must avoid using peanuts.
  • Guidelines for 3D prints and proprietary art:
  • Use reputable websites that clearly state licensing terms.
  • If you intend to use the files commercially (to make money), ensure you have the appropriate license. Some require a subscription or one time purchase.
  • Give proper attribution to the original creator by mentioning their name and source of file (if required in license).
  • If file is licensed for non-commercial use only, it cannot be used to make money.
  • Kids are encouraged to use software to create their own unique designs, or alter existing designs to make it their own.

Products/Services – NOT Allowed

  • No services involving live animals/pets.
  • No kids selling products/services on behalf of their parents.
  • No weapons. Wooden play swords are okay. Nerf guns used as part of a service is okay.
  • No reselling store-bought items.


  • All kids participating must be registered.
  • Fees vary depending on event and venue.
  • No refunds or credits are given for any reason.
  • Registration cannot be transferred to another event, but can be transferred to another person for that particular market.

Indoor Venue

  • Reserve by half table or full table. Tables are 6 feet in length. (depth of tables may vary)
  • One table can contain no more than four child participants.
  • Some venues provide tables and chairs. You will be notified if you need to bring your own table/chairs.
  • Power is not provided or accessible unless specified per venue.

Outdoor Venue

  • Booth spaces are 10×10. All belongings must fit within this space.
  • You must supply all your own supplies including table, canopy, umbrella, chairs, etc. (If this is a barrier, we may have loaners to provide.)
  • Canopies or umbrellas are recommended, but not required.
  • All canopies must be weighted down.
  • If selling food, a trashcan must be provided at booth.
  • Power is not provided or accessible.
  • No pets allowed.


  • All participants must check-in prior to setting up.
  • Have all your belongs (table, canopy, chairs, inventory, etc) ready at check-in.
  • If you would like to be set up next to someone else, you must check-in together.
  • Booths are not pre-assigned and it is not an option to choose your space.


  • Children are encouraged to sell at their booth and also walk around to support their peers. Adults are not allowed to sell for their children. If the children leave the booth for any reason, post a “Be back soon”.
  • Bartering/trading of products/services is not allowed.
  • Yelling to attract customers is not allowed.
  • If selling food, use gloves, tongs, napkins for serving. Offer hand sanitizer.
  • Cleaning up/breaking down the booth is NOT allowed until the event time is finished. If sold out, post a “sold out” sign and enjoy the market. Packing and leaving early disrupts the event and does not offer the participants/shoppers the best experience.
  • Your booth space must be left clean. Please haul out your own trash.