Upcoming Markets

Kids’ Entrepreneur Summer Market

Details: A market for kids ages 5-17 in our community who make and sell their own products & services. This is a real-world experience that allows children to be creative, build confidence, and learn skills beyond the classroom.

Date: Saturday, August 3, 2024

Set-Up Time: 9am-10am

Selling Time: 10am-1pm

Breakdown Time: 1pm-2pm

Location: Troy Field (Downtown, Bend)

51 NW Louisiana Ave, Bend, OR 97701

Additional Attractions: Aerial Silks Show, Raffles from our sponsors

Cost: Free to attend. To participate: $20/10×10 Booth Space, $10/Half Booth if you have a friend you are sharing with.


Facebook Event Page

Event Flyers

Instagram @KidsEntrepreneurMarket

Participate: All participants must be registered using the form link below

Join 50+ kids who have already registered!

Other Local Events for Young Entrepreneurs

Green Drinks, hosted by High Desert Makers, The Environmental Center, and Open Space.

About the event: This particular Green Drinks event is specifically designed for makers of all ages, who are dedicated to responsible environmental stewardship, a place to show and tell (and sell) about what they make and why. It’s a space to celebrate and showcase creators who use materials that promote circular economy, upcycle waste-stream-diverted materials, re-imagine uses for existing materials. From artisans crafting with eco-friendly materials to storytellers, musicians, and performers who create their art using minimal environmental footprint, this event will be a melting pot of talent and ingenuity.

Details: Thursday, July 11, 5-7pm @ Open Space Event Studios

If you are interested in becoming an exhibitor or vendor, fill out this form and the organizers (not me) will follow up with you. My kids have already signed up! We hope to see friends from the KEM community there as well.